Recruitment Assistance

Do you need help with recruitment assistance and attracting the right staff? Then we can help you find the brightest, most competent, flexible and reliable employees to make your business successful.  .


We can be the first point of contact or the first person to screen your incoming candidates. We have considerable experience with regards to human resources processes and we can assist you in creating job descriptions and vacancy advertising. We can also help with your recruitment and candidate selection and participate on your interview panel.

We can also search job seeker websites for appropriate candidates

  • Post and advertise open positions
  • Schedule interviews
  • Check applicant references
  • Draft offer letters for new hires
  • Make follow-up calls
  • Send information and enrolment packages
  • Explain benefits to employees
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with employment agencies and other recruitment resources
  • Research trends in wage/salary increases to attract and retain top-notch candidates
  • Assist in developing accurate job descriptions